Discover the services offered by R.C Dept

R.C Dept Garage is the first workshop in Andorra specialized in the restoration and customization of motorcycles.

Two different but complementary activities …



Vintage and collectible motorcycles are a world of their own, even within the biker universe. Enthusiasts of these kind of motorcycles do not, in general, correspond to a predetermined category of people and are as varied as the motorcycles they cherish.

The range of services offered by the R.C Dept garage in terms of restoration is very wide and can go from simply “restarting” a motorcycle or just a small, purely “aesthetic” intervention all the way to the complete rebuild of a motorcycle, including its engine. Every motorcycle is unique and there are many differences between French, English or American vintage motorcycles. In order to work on motorcycles from another era, it is imperative to know them but also to understand them: how they were conceived, how they were constructed, their specificities, etc… and put each motorcycle into its context, historical or otherwise. Every vintage motorcycle is packed with surprises, sometimes good, often not … but it is so worth it!

In every single case, restoration projects require a strict methodology: a thorough check of the motorcycle (engine and frame) to determine what can be repaired and then how to replace the necessary parts.

If you wish to restore your vintage motorcycle, do not hesitate to consult us on the feasibility of your project and/or for a quote. We analyse each step so that you get a clear breakdown of the work to be done. This way we can easily adapt to the needs and demands of each and every client.



If you are looking for a garage specialized in the customization of motorcycles, welcome to RC Dept, the first garage in Andorra focused on the creation of cafe racers, scramblers, street trackers, … For many years now, the phenomenon of customization has really taken off. People are looking for authenticity and exclusivity in all sectors and the motorcycle sector is no exception.

What’s more, one could argue that the motorcycle market was one of the first to explore the world of personalization with, from the start, a clear desire for differentiation: whether in England in the fifties with the “cafe racer” movement or in the United States when the GIs returned home after the Second World War and began to modify their motorcycles.

We are passionate about these motorcycles which are tailored to be a reflection of the personality of their owner. R.C Dept offers a complete customization service of your motorcycle. From the simplest projects to the craziest creations, the R.C Dept garage will answer all your questions. Our team is at your disposal to create the bike that suits you, the bike you want, the bike you deserve.